About Us

The Sussex Bat Group was formed in 1984 to help conserve bats in East and West Sussex. The Group is
a registered charity made up of volunteers who share a passion for bats. We are affiliated with the Bat Conservation Trust.

Bats are facing serious population declines across the UK. There is a bat group in nearly every county working to help reverse this decline.

The aims of the Sussex Bat Group are to:

  • Help conserve bats and their habitat.
  • Raise awareness of bats and their conservation.

 These aims are achieved by:

  • Recording and monitoring bat populations in Sussex.
  • Assisting Natural England with roost visits where threats to bats may exist.
  • Carrying out conservation projects such as bat box schemes, improving roost sites or opening and protecting potential sites.
  • Organising talks and educational events throughout the year.
  • Providing a care and rescue service for sick and injured bats, with the back up of permanent bat hospitals.
  • Producing a regular newsletter - The Belfry.
Recently a Sussex Bat Group member was involved in setting up bat boxes at Plumpton railway station, as shown in the video below (the section on Plumpton is approximately four and a half minutes in).

Stationary Tales

PLEASE NOTE: The Sussex Bat Group does not undertake surveys for commercial purposes or to object to planning applications.