About Us

The Sussex Bat Group was formed in 1984 to help conserve bats in East and West Sussex. The Group is a registered charity made up of volunteers who share a passion for bats. We are affiliated with the Bat Conservation Trust. Bats are facing serious population declines across the UK. There is a bat group in nearly every county working to help reverse this decline.

The aims of the Sussex Bat Group are to:

  • Help conserve bats and their habitat.
  • Raise awareness of bats and their conservation.

These aims are achieved by:

  • Recording and monitoring bat populations in Sussex.
  • Assisting Natural England with roost visits where threats to bats may exist.
  • Carrying out conservation projects such as bat box schemes, improving roost sites or opening and protecting potential sites.
  • Organising talks and educational events throughout the year.
  • Providing a care and rescue service for sick and injured bats, with the back up of permanent bat hospitals.
  • Producing a regular newsletter - The Belfry

PLEASE NOTE: The Sussex Bat Group does not undertake surveys for commercial purposes or to object to planning applications.


The greater horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus ferrumequinum) is one of the rarest in the UK, mainly restricted to the South-west and south Wales, but with an apparent small outlier population in Sussex. The species is an EU Annex II species and a UK BAP species.

Recent ecological studies at a potential redevelopment site have revealed what is believed to be the only maternity colony of this species in the South East. Sussex Bat Group is endeavouring to get the site preserved.

We’ll publish further information here as soon as it becomes available, so do keep checking.